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rotating image Kunz Engineering a family owned business that manufactures the AcrEase Tow-Pull Behind Mowers and Till-Ease Tillage Equipment product lines.   Our goal is to design and manufacture the best products we can.   Our design criteria is actually quite simple.   The products we design have to be durable and capable of performing above and beyond our competitors.   We stand behind all of the products we sell and the Kunz family name only gets placed on the best.

Make those large yards manageable!   Mow in a fraction of the time with a tow behind AcrEase Wing Mower!  Then for that overgrown field or trail get the job done right with an AcrEase Pull Behind Rough Cut Mower!  Excellent behind any lawn mower or as an ATV / UTV attachment. For any tillage needs, let the Till-Ease line of tillage equipment (chisel plows / field cultivators and cultipackers) work for you to create that trophy deer or wildlife food plot, new lawn or garden.
Tow Behind Finish Trailmowers Pull Behind Rough Cut Brush Mowers Pull Behind ATV Tillage Equipment (Chisel Plow / Field Cultivator and Cultipacker)

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  • Time Savings? Drastically reduce mowing time by attaching a wing mower to side of your current mowing equipment. Can also be attached to ATV / UTV type tow vehicles. Easy to tow singly or in tandem (gang mower style), directly behind or to the side.
  • Features? Full-floating, low-profile deck makes it easy to mow around and under low-branch trees. Heavy deep deck with large side discharge provides a high quality finish cut.
  • Versatility? Mow large areas, pull the pin, and drop-off pull mowers to get through the tight areas.
  • Stability? Stable on steep inclines and trails straight at high mowing speeds.
  • Standard Equipment? Infinite height adjustment, anti-scalp wheels, & universal hitches are standard equipment.
  • Durability? Heavy duty blade spindles are equipped with large diameter shafts for doing those tough mowing jobs.
  • Models? Commercial and Homeowner finish cut models available as well as a Rough Cut (Brush Cutter) Models.
  • Pull Wing Mowers Behind?
    • Mid Mount Riding Mowers
    • Zero Turn Mowers
    • 4 Wheelers (ATVs)
    • 4 Wheel Steer Riding Mowers
    • Small Tractors Without Mowers
    • Utility Vehicles (UTVs)
    • Behind PTO Mowers
    • Golf Carts

  • Build Quality? Extra heavy duty deck design built out of 8 GA. (.164") steel on 44" models and 10 GA. (.135") steel on 57" models with additional heavy reinforcement top plates in the blade mounting area, 3/16" side plates and 1/4" skids. Deck and blade spindles are built heavy enough to resist bending when large objects are struck.
  • Capacity? Capable of cutting over 6 foot tall grass, 2" saplings and heavy brush and weeds.
  • Power? AcrEase takes it to the next level in tow-behind technology and equips the 57" models with a 23-27 HP electric start twin cylinder engine option. The rugged 44" models have large 19-23 HP electric start engines.
  • Stability? Stable on steep inclines and trails straight at high mowing speeds.
  • Cutting Height? With two independent cranks on the 57" models and a single crank on the 44" models, height adjustment between 2"-8" is a breeze.
  • Cut Quality? With twin 30" blades on the 57" models and twin 23" blades on the 44" models, the rear discharge rough cut mower is capable of reducing traditional discharge bunching and providing more of a mulched look.
  • 4-Tire Design? The AcrEase comes standard with four tires for added support on rough uneven ground. The tires are also located within the decks cutting width to allow for close trimming.
  • Standard Hitching? The AcrEase rough cut mower comes standard with the ATV tongue which can be easily adjusted from direct behind to full offset to either side of the tow vehicle.

  • Performance? The Till-Ease line of tillage equipment is designed to perform well in a variety of ground conditions, whether it be hard pack, sandy, clay or sod covered soil conditions.
  • Durability? The 43" wide Till-Ease Model 543 chisel plow / field cultivator is built out of heavy wall tubing for long lasting durability.
  • Ground Depths? With the Model 543 chisel plow / field cultivator, 6" depths are possible and are achieved with the use of rigid shanks. Rigid shanks provide effortless depth control in hard ground conditions and ease in pulling. In many cases deeper seedbeds translate to a stronger, faster growing crop.
  • Standard Features? The Model 543 is equipped with an electric lift for easy depth control at the seat of the ATV. This model also has cutting coulters positioned on the front of the tool for cutting light trash and reducing clod size. To help aid in coulter penetration in hard ground the Model 543 comes standard with weight racks.
  • Quick Adjustments The Model 543 is built for quick adjustments. All shanks and coulter shanks are pinned in place for quick maximum depth settings and easy removal when desired. The tongue also has an adjuster for different hitch heights and tool leveling.
  • Optional Equipment The Model 543 has an optional drag harrow for final seedbed preparation and optional turning shovel sweeps for sod tillage. Other options will soon be available!
Much engineering, testing, and thought has gone into the AcrEase and Till-Ease product lines to better
ensure the quality and reliability we strive for and you are looking for.

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