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Attached to a Riding Mower Attached to a Zero Turn Mower
The AcrEase can be added to the side of a riding mower to add on additional width. This set-up will drastically reduce mowing time. The AcrEase can also be added to zero turn mowers. A zero turn mower is an extremely manuverable way to use an AcrEase.

Directly Behind an ATV Offset to the Side of an ATV
ATV and utility vehicles can be used as well. With the optional ATV Tongue the AcrEase can be
pulled directly behind.
The ATV Tongue allows for full offset mowing as well.

Mowing Under Low Branches Mowing Around Trees
The low profile design of the AcrEase makes it
easy to mow under low branch trees.
Using the AcrEase to mow around trees is much faster than with a conventional riding mower.

Mowing Around Objects with a Zero Turn Zero Turn Capabilities with a Riding Mower
Mowing around objects with the AcrEase / zero
turn mower combination is no problem at all. It's basically like having an extra wide zero turn mower.
With the AcrEase attached to the side of a riding mower the combination has zero turn capabilities. Notice how the AcrEase is able start where it left off after completing the turn.

Contour Work with an ATV Mowing Around Objects with an ATV
Detailed contour work is even possible when using an ATV. When using an ATV and there are objects to mow around, it is far more manuverable to mow in the offset position.

Ditch Mowing Extreme Ditch Mowing
Ditches can be tough to mow with conventional equipment. The AcrEase handles ditches with
This is an example of where standard mowing will not work. It takes a stable system like the AcrEase to get the job done.

Left and Right Configuration Tandem Configuration
The AcrEase is one of the only wing mowers that has standard hitching for pulling multiple mowers. This pictures shows the left and right configuration. This picture shows the tandem configuration.

Tandem Mowing with an ATV Optional Floatation Kit
An ATV can even be set-up to pull two AcrEase mowers. The Floatation Kit adds a third set of wheels and is a great option when mowing around ponds, crowned areas or rough terrain.

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