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Till-Ease Model 543 Chisel Plow / Field Cultivator

The aggressive, high quality Till-Ease Model 543 features the following:
1. Shanks - The Model 543 uses rigid shanks that make for effortless penetration in hard ground conditions. The rigid shank also maintains a constant attack angle which helps to efficiently shatter the ground and lower the pulling load requirment. This style of shank also aids in creating deeper seedbeds which in many cases translates to a stronger, faster growing crop.

Solid rigid shank.

2. Sweeps - The Model 543 uses several common style sweeps for different applications. The 9" field cultivator sweeps are used for softer ground conditions or secondary tillage. The chisel points work very well for extremely hard ground conditions. An optional set of turning shovel sweeps can be purchased for working in sod conditions.

Chisel point.

9" field cultivator sweep.

Turning shovel.

3. Coulters - The Model 543 is equipped with five cutting coulters. These coulters are a 13.5" plain straight style of coulter. These coulters are used to cut light trash to prevent hairpinning on the rear shanks. They are also used to score the ground which helps the sweeps to erupt the ground. On secondary passes the coulters also help to reduce clod size.

Straight cutting coulters.

4. Electric Screw Actuator - The Model 543 comes standard with an electric lift and ATV operator controls. The electric lift makes for very easy depth changes on the go and full raising for transport.

Operator controls.

Electric actuator.

5. Top Link Tongue/Tool Adjuster - The Model 543 uses a top link to adjust the tongue for different hitch heights and tool leveling. When set properly the tool will stay relatively level from the full height transport mode to the full depth tillage mode. This also aids in leveling the tool in the ground depending on different needs and applications.

Top link level adjuster.

6. Weight Racks - The Model 543 comes standard with two weight racks. Weight is generally necessary to help with coulter penetration in harder ground conditions. In many cases 150-300 lbs can make a big difference. If the coulters are removed additional weight is not needed.

Weight rack with 70 lb sand bag.

7. Shank Receivers - The Model 543 has shank receivers on both the front and back for quick shank adjustments and easy shank removal. Simply pull a pin and set maximum shank depths or remove several shanks for various configurations and conditions. The rear shanks are set for 2", 4" and 6" maximum depths and the coulter shanks are set for 2", 3" and 4" maximum depths.

Shank receivers for quick adjustments.

8. Attachment Receivers - The Model 543 is equipped with two attachment receivers located on the rear of the frame. These receivers are the mounting location for the optional drag harrow and future accessories.

Attachment receivers for optional equipment.

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