Rough Cut Mower Accessories

Floatation Kit

An extra front and back tire can be added to the center section of the mower deck.

– Great for mowing around ponds and on rough uneven ground where scalping would normally occur

– Clamping style receiver allows for adjustments from side to side with both the front and rear tires

– Pinned receivers make for quick kit removal when not needed

– Works on all existing and new rough cut mowers

  • RC Floatkit Rough Cut Mower
  • RC Floatkit Action
  • RC Floatkit Action 2 in action

Wetlands Kit

The Wetlands Kit consists of an extra set of tires and mounting brackets.

– Great for wetlands or marshy areas that stay wet all year around

– Works well in combination with small personal amphibious vehicles and ATVs/UTVs with tracks

– Kit more than doubles the tire surface area in contact with the ground

– Easy to install.   Works on all existing and new rough cut mowers.

– The rough cut mower will not float with the wetlands kit installed. Water greater than 2-3″ in depth should be avoided.

– With the Wetlands Kit installed the minimum cutting height is 3.5″-4″.

– Works on all existing and new rough cut mowers

  • RC Wetlands Kit
  • RC Wetlandskit Action

Electric Lift Kit

The Electric Lift Kit consists of all of the mounting hardware, brackets, electric actuator and wiring with remote control panel.

– Great for constantly changing terrain and grass/brush heights

– Allows for quick cutting height changes on the go from the seat of the tow vehicle

– Raise up and over rocks and logs with ease

– Heavy duty 1500 lb linear screw actuator made by Linak

– Works on all existing and new rough cut mowers

  • RC Electric Lift
  • RC Electric Lift Closeup
  • RC Electric Lift Control

Specialty Hitching

A variety of hitching is available to pull multiple rough cut mowers in a couple different configurations.

  • RC Action 18
  • RC Action 19

Flat Proof Tire Option

Urethane foam flat proof tires can be purchased for both new and existing mowers.

  • RC Flat Proof Urethane Tires

Finish Cut Mower Accessories

Floatation Kit

An extra front and back tire can be bolted in the center section of the mower deck. This is handy in the following applications:

– Rough uneven ground where added floatation is needed

– Hard to reach areas at the waters edge around ponds

– Extending over a creek banks edge

– Steep road banks where added traction is needed

– Gradual crowned or peaked areas in a yard

  • FC Floatkit Finish Cut Mower AcrEase Model C60BE
  • FC Floatkit Action
  • FC Floatkit Action 2

Lawn & Garden Hitching

Use on riding mowers and zero turn radius mowers.

– The Lawn and Garden Hitching bolts directly to the existing hitch on any riding lawn mower or zero turning radius mower.

– Allows for close hitching of the AcrEase and telescopes in or out to adjust for the tow vehicles deck width

– Provides a maneuverable quick response system with maximum stability at high mowing speeds and on steep banks

– When pulling one wing mower use the tow vehicle hitch (telescope hitch)  and short tongue.

– When pulling multiple wing mowers it is necessary to purchase additional hitching.

– The long tongue extension is used when two AcrEase are pulled (one on the left and one on the right). By extending the left side AcrEase back, grass will not be blown onto the right side AcrEase.

– The rear hitch is used for hitching two AcrEase in tandem (both off to the left side).

  • FC L G Hitching
  • FC L G Hitching 2
  • FC Left Right Hitching
  • FC Left Right Rig
  • FC Tandem Rear Hitch
  • FC Tandem Rig

ATV Tongue

Use on ATVs, utility vehicles, and all other tow vehicles without mowing decks.

– The ATV tongue hitches directly to the tow vehicles’ existing hitch with a provided clevis pin.

– Quick and easy initial installation

– The ATV tongue can be quickly interchanged from the offset position to direct behind towing.

– Quick response maneuverability and stability at high mowing speeds and on steep banks may be reduced slightly.

– Multiple mowers can be pulled with an ATV or UTV by using a combination of Lawn & Garden and ATV Tongue hitching.

  • FC ATV Tongue
  • FC ATV Tongue 2
  • FC ATV Tongue Direct Behind
  • FC ATV Tongue Offset
  • FC ATV Double Rig

Chisel Plow Accessories

Drag Harrow

The 0ptional Drag Harrow consists of the harrow and fastening pins.

– Great for final seedbed preparation

– Levels ground and helps to reduce clod size

– Spike angle can be adjusted from vertical to horizontal with a total of 7 positions

– Four bar link system allows the harrow to float and follow the contour of the ground

– Drag Harrow height is adjustable with side chains

– Weight rack for conditions where additional weight is needed

  • 543 Drag Harrow Till-Ease
  • 543 Drag Harrow Chisel Plow Till-Ease Model 543
  • 543 Drag Harrow 2
  • 543 Drag Harrow 3

Turning Shovel Kit

The optional Turning Shovel Kit consists of the 3 turning shovels and mounting hardware.

– Great for doing the initial tillage in sod conditions

– Turning shovels act similar to a moldboard plow and turn the sod ribbon to the side.

– Easier to pull and much less troublesome than normal sweeps in sod

  • 543 Turning Shovel 4
  • 543 Turning Shovel 1
  • 543 Turning Shovel action shot 3
  • 543 Turning Shovel

Cultipacker Accessories

Wheel Kit

The optional Wheel Kit equips the Model TP Cultipackers with two pneumatic tires for transport.

– Simply flip the cultipacker over on the tires for transport.

– Tires are positioned very close to the center of gravity to make the flip-over process very easy.

– Easy bolt-on design allows for quick wheel removal if necessary.

  • Cultipacker Model TP2148 Tires
  • Cultipacker Action Shot 4

3-Point Kit

The optional 3-Point Kit equips the Model TP Cultipackers with the pins and brackets needed to mount to a tractor 3-point hitch.

– Quickly transformed from a pull style cultipacker to a 3-point tractor mounted cultipacker

– Works great for customers that want to use both an ATV/UTV and tractor

– Designed for all Category 1 3-point hitch systems

– Quick Hitch compatible

  • Cultipacker Model TP2148 3 Point
  • Cultipacker in Action
  • Cultipacker Action