Product Information and Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an AcrEase Finish Cut Mower?

The AcrEase Finish Cut Mower is a self-contained mower that has been designed from the ground up as a wing mower to be pulled off to the side of a lawn and garden tractor or zero turn mower as a single unit, as left and right units, or as units in tandem. The AcrEase Finish Cut Mower has also been designed to be pulled with an ATV or utility vehicle when using the optional ATV Tongue.

2. What can be used to pull an AcrEase Finish Cut Mower?

In general, an AcrEase Finish Cut Mower can be pulled by most anything, such as lawn and garden tractors, small tractors, front mount or midmount zero-turning radius mowers, utility vehicles, and ATVs.

3. How big of a tow vehicle is required to pull an AcrEase Finish Cut Mower?

Each AcrEase Finish Cut Mower requires about 1 to 1.5 HP to pull it. Small 10 HP lawn tractors have pulled wing mowers very well on gradual slopes. As the slopes get steeper, heavier lawn and garden tractors are needed for traction. If the slope is unsafe for a lawn and garden tractor, an ATV could possibly be used.

4. How steep of a slope can an AcrEase Finish Cut Mower be used on?

If AcrEase Finish Cut Mowers are towed in tandem, they should not be used on slopes greater than 15 degrees because the back unit will pull the front unit sideways. If the units are attached directly to the side of the tow vehicle, they are stable on slopes greater than 15 degrees. The Briggs & Stratton Professional / Intek and PowerBuilt engines should not be used on angles greater than 20 degrees for any length of time because the engine may lose lubrication. The Kohler and Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf engines are equipped with excellent pressure lubrication systems and are rated for slopes of up to 25 degrees.

Note: Most slopes appear to be steeper than they actually are. From our experience a 25-30 degree bank appears to be approximately 45 degrees. Caution should be used when mowing on steep banks. Most tow vehicles will become unstable after 20-25 degrees.

5. Why does the AcrEase Finish Cut Mower deck pull at an angle?

The 20″ blades under the deck are in a straight line. These blades are not timed because of the problems associated with timed blades. In order to get the necessary blade overlap, the deck is pulled at a slight angle.

6. How easy is the AcrEase Finish Cut Mower to mow with?

The AcrEase Finish Cut Mower is extremely user friendly. Since it is extremely maneuverable, these mowers can give a standard lawn and garden tractor zero-turning-radius capabilities in the direction of the wing mower. Mowing around trees, under low branch trees, and next to buildings becomes easy with only a small amount of practice.

7. How fast will an AcrEase Finish Cut Mower mow?

In normal cutting conditions, the AcrEase Finish Cut Mowers will do a good job at 6 to 10 MPH. We do have customers that claim they are mowing around 12 to 15 MPH. We have found on any finish cut style of mower that the cut quality typically drops off over 10 MPH. The blade tip speed is approximately 17,500 feet per minute. The deep deck with the built in wind tunnel and a large side discharge gives the mower its high capacity.

8. Do the AcrEase Finish Cut Mowers scalp?

The four anti-scalp wheels in the front and the two in back located under the deck make the AcrEase Finish Cut Mowers one of the least scalping 60″ mowers on the market. The deck flexes as it is pulled over uneven yards giving an extremely level mowing job. Our optional Floatation Kit which consists of extra pneumatic tires can be added to the central section of the mower. This kit works great on extremely rough areas, road banks or to allow the end of the mower to be extended over a pond edge.

9. How much time can be saved with an AcrEase Finish Cut Mower?

In general if a 60″ AcrEase Wing Mower is added to the left of a lawn and garden tractor with a 48″ deck, you can get time savings as much as a 3 hour yard reduced down to 1 hour. Normally a 7″ overlap is used. Since the 60″ wing mower has a 58″ cutting width, a 51″ additional cut is gained. In the above situation, you would go from a 48″ to a 99″ cutting width. Add another wing mower and your cutting width becomes 150″. Pull the pins and you go from a wide mower back to a 48″ mower, which can be used to get into those tight places.

10. Is the AcrEase Finish Cut Mower safe?

There are no voluntary safety standards that specifically cover pull behind wing mowers, but the safety standards for lawn and garden tractor mowers can be used. The AcrEase Finish Cut Mowers have passed the OPEI Lawn Mower Safety Test. For added safety, an additional safety zone has been built into the mower both front and back so the mower blades are not next to the outer layer of metal. It is in this safety zone that the anti-scalp wheels are placed. The discharge chute is also fixed so it cannot be flipped up to create an unsafe condition.

11. How available are parts for the AcrEase Finish Cut Mowers?

Many of the parts in the mower are standard parts that can be purchased locally. All bearings, belts, tires, and many other parts are standard. All nonstandard parts are available through Kunz Engineering, Inc or local AcrEase dealers in your area.

12. Why doesn’t the AcrEase Finish Cut Mower pull around behind the tow vehicle?

The fixed tires in the back determine how and at what angle the AcrEase Finish Cut Mower will pull. The front caster wheels along with the short coupled hitching system gives the mower its agility and maneuverability.

13. Do the AcrEase Finish Cut Mowers need a battery?

The AcrEase Finish Cut Mowers are equipped with an electric start engine and a battery box. The battery is not included. Information on where to purchase a durable dry cell type battery is included in the Owner’s Manual packet.

14. How easy is it to work on an AcrEase Finish Cut Mower?

If the AcrEase Finish Cut Mower is raised up vertically on its front casters, it is very easy to remove the blades for sharpening and to do other inspections. On our standard models this can be done by hand with the help of another person. On the Pro60K model an overhead winch will be required to raise the rear of the mower deck.

15. Can the AcrEase Finish Cut Mower be pushed in front of something?

There are several people pushing the AcrEase Finish Cut Mowers; however, we do not provide the brackets needed to push an AcrEase Mower. In most cases, front mowers on ATV’s make them very clumsy to operate. The best place to use a single wing mower with an ATV is behind and off to the side because then you can mow around trees and not have to look over your shoulder to see the mower. For people who have equipment other than an ATV that is capable of pushing the mowers up front, the wing mower can be equipped with casters in all four locations.