The History of Kunz Engineering Inc.

Kunz Engineering was founded in 1992 by owner Gary Kunz. To fully understand how Kunz Engineering was founded, we need to go back a few years. It all began when Gary Kunz volunteered to mow the 4-1/2 acre Mendota Bible Church lawn. This turned out to be a bigger job than expected but Gary was up to the challenge.

For a number of years prior to this, Gary had been pulling a single 20″ walk-behind push mower off to the left hand side of a 32″ riding mower. This concept helped to drastically reduce mowing time. For the church yard he decided a second 20″ push mower was needed on the right hand side. He used this set-up for roughly one season and then decided that adding two more 20″ push mowers on the front of the riding mower would further reduce his mowing time. This required a special front hitch extending to both sides of the riding mower and set up to produce the proper overlap. It was quite a sight to see a small riding mower surrounded by four 20″ push mowers. It was rather loud as well having five individual engines running at the same time.

Keeping everything running properly and turning without 20″ push mower rollovers was a whole other challenge. This system was used through the 1986 mowing season.

During the 1986 mowing season Gary had the opportunity to use a push style mower on the front of an ATV. He found this set-up was hard to steer and very hard to control on side hills. It was at this point that he decided to make a pull behind mower similar to the ATV push mower but using the same concept as his current rig.

Kunz History Through The Years

Since the company first began, Kunz Engineering has strived to be the leader in innovation with any piece of equipment they have developed. Kunz Engineering has made its mark, creating some of the highest quality pull behind equipment for lawn and property maintenance.