Dean in Ohio

AcrEase 57” Rough Cut Mower

Hi Guys.  Just wanted to let Matt know that I really appreciated his time answering my questions and help me pick the right rough cut mower.  The MR55BE is an amazing machine.  Compared to my old, other-brand trailmower, the MR55BE cuts better, bounces less, handles high grass with less clumping and “stragglers”, and tracks better over rough terrain (I have plenty of rough terrain!).  I guess I don’t need to tell you that it is built like a tank.   Even though the 57″ is wider than my old other-brand 44″, it is more maneuverable and this morning, I cut areas that were impossible with the old mower.  It even backs up easier (much easier!) than the old mower.  Excellent engineering, quality US manufacturing, powerful engine, knowledgeable product support – this is the way it is supposed to be.  Thank you!

John in Tennessee

AcrEase 60″ Finish Cut Mower

I am now on my 6th season using 2 finish mowers that I pull in tandem behind my Kubota RTV.  These two units have performed flawlessly using them at least once a week to mow 11 acres.  The only thing I ever do is sharpen the blades and change the oil and filter.  Both units are as good as new other than some normal wear and tear from hitting rocks or tree stumps on my property.  Unfortunately for Kunz, I do not think that I will be replacing these units anytime soon since the mowers are almost indestructible.

John in Louisiana

AcrEase 44” Rough Cut Mower

I have to say my 44 inch rough cut mower is a beast and performs way beyond my expectations. I did a lot of research on different pull behind mowers. I ended up making the decision on the AcrEase brand on my conversation with the local sales rep for my area. I have a 400 acre cattle farm. I have a couple of tractors along with two different size flex wing mowers. I needed another mower to go into all the places I dared not to with the big tractors and flex wings. This machine fit the niche perfectly. I use it around my pond with the floatation kit added on. This is a must I believe. I use it in roadside ditches as well as in and amongst the woods where its too tight to cut with the bigger tractors. This machine is built as heavy and solid as any of the flexwings and has power to spare. I can’t give enough examples describing how awesome this machine is. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

Jeremy in Illinois

AcrEase 57” Rough Cut Mower

I am about to celebrate my one year anniversary with my 57 inch rough cut mower I bought from you. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I have been. This mower has been asked to do more clearing than I ever though it could do. To call it tough is an understatement. I have found that if the tow vehicle can make it through, so can the mower. Thank you for building a mower tougher than I thought was ever necessary. When you have a capability of cutting like this, it opens the door to trails through areas you thought inaccessible without much heavier equipment. Awesome mower. Thank you very much.

Kevin in Missouri

AcrEase 57” Rough Cut Mower

I am sure you have heard all of this before, but this thing is a BEAST. It has exceeded my expectations (which were very high). Thank you so much for all of your help. Not only is your product second to none, so is your customer service.

Laurie in Minnesota

AcrEase 60” Finish Cut Mower

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the finish cut mower you sold us last October. We’ve been mowing a private grass airstrip and a ¾ mile trail through the woods and the mower does a fantastic job. Absolutely no problems or bugs to work out. It’s a relief not to have the problems we had with the other brand and a pleasure to go out and mow!

Phil in Ontario

AcrEase 60” Finish Cut Mower

I have a 60” finishing trail mower that I purchased 2nd hand. It is the best mower I have had in 35 years.

Mike in Wisconsin

AcrEase 44” Rough Cut Mower

Your product has been absolutely trouble free for 2 years. I use it for rough duty. In addition to mowing 30 acres of pasture, I use it to eliminate invasive species like honeysuckle. I can tow it over 4-5’ tall brush and it chews it up with no problems. It is also easy to use. My wife prefers it over our 35HP tractor with a 5’ rotary mower.

Kevin in Nebraska

AcrEase 57” Rough Cut Mower

Thank you for the awesome product. In a former life I was a tanker in the Army. This mower is the closest piece of equipment to an M1A1 I’ve seen in some time. And even better, unlike tanks, the mower starts every time.

Randy in Ohio

Till-Ease Model 543 Chisel Plow

I would like to thank you and all of Kunz Engineering employees on the outstanding quality and craftsmanship that you are producing. It is nice to see American quality at work. The Till-Ease that I received last week was everything you had said it was. I was able to work my garden in about thirty minutes. This would have taken me four or five weekends with my tiller. I am telling everyone that might need something like this to order from you.

Doug in Oregon

AcrEase 57” Rough Cut Mower

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your high-quality mower! I’m into my second season of mowing now and my AcrEase is incredible. Just like advertised, it’ll go through anything. I’m the envy of my community.

Joe in Missouri

AcrEase 60” Finish Cut Mower

Thank you very much for the quality of service you have given over the years. It is rare to find a product that is of the quality and dependability as this mower.

Ben in Massachusetts

AcrEase 44” Rough Cut Mower

Just used my rough cut mower for the first time. We took it out to mow a road in our forest. It worked exactly as expected – chopped everything we ran over. A wonderfully engineered and built product.

Steve in Indiana

AcrEase 57” Rough Cut Mower

I purchased a rough cut mower from you about 2 years ago. Thanks for making a great product. There is no way I could have done this with the other mowers on the market. I ran the mower in places I thought it wouldn’t go and it went easy. I cut grass 5’ tall and so thick you couldn’t walk in it with ease. I mowed over a thousand black willow trees from saplings to 3” without ever having a problem.

Roger in Washington

AcrEase 57” Rough Cut Mower

I just wanted to thank the people at Kunz Engineering for turning out a product that exceeded my expectations. This mower is amazing.

Mark in Idaho

AcrEase 60” Finish Cut Mower

I am on year 2 with my AcrEase mower and I just wanted to say it is the finest piece of equipment I have ever owned. Saves me lots of time and it’s fun to use. I tow it behind my riding mower. My mowing time has been reduced from 5.5 hours down to just over 2. Now I kind of wish I had a bit more lawn.
Thanks. Thanks.

Ron in Pennsylvania

AcrEase 60” Finish Cut Mower

Hi folks.  I bought your 60″ Pro finish cut back in November of 2018.  It has been great.  I pull this with a John Deere X485 mower with a 54″ deck.  This AcrEase 60″ Pro cuts so well.  In high thick wet grass, I have no problem with your mower.  Actually my John Deere with low hours will bog down before the AcrEase will.  I so appreciate you designing and building that adjustable width hitch for me with the actuator.  I can adjust the width by like 20″.  Thank you.

Wyatt in Saskatchewan

I just received my Kunz cultivator and have been using it to till around my many evergreen trees. I’m using my 450 Alterra Arctic Cat as the tractor and everything is working extremely well. It’s a fantastic tillage unit.