Gary Kunz – Co-Owner and Founder

Gary started Kunz Engineering in 1992 after leaving his previous engineering job. Fortunately he had already spent several years developing the pull behind mower concept for his own personal use. This allowed him to quickly turn a hobby into a marketable product and the first AcrEase mowers were introduced in 1993. Gary has his degrees in agricultural engineering and has a strong history in product development and testing.

Wanda Kunz – Co-Owner and Corporate Secretary/ Treasurer

Wanda is married to Gary and has been with the company since its conception. Wanda has a degree in accounting and business. Over the years Wanda has played a key role in helping to establish the day-to-day operations, accounting and business management.

Matt Kunz – President

Matt is the son of Gary and Wanda and he has been with the company since its conception. After graduating from college with a mechanical engineering degree, Matt came into the company as a full time employee in 1999. Matt has played an integral part in helping to develop, market and sell products.

Sarah Anderson – Accountant

After graduating college with a degree in accounting, Sarah joined the company as a full-time employee in 2011. Her responsibilities include accounting, database management, and assisting with the day-to-day operations in the office.

Carrie Sherman – Accounting and Human Resources

Carrie has been with us since late 2017. She has a degree in accounting and also has training in human resources, inventory and purchasing. On a day-to-day basis she helps with accounting duties as well as customer service.

Production Team

Kunz Engineering is fortunate to have a talented team of workers in the plant that are capable of handling all phases of the manufacturing process, from metal fabrication through final assembly. All of our individual employees bring in a unique skill set that helps to round out our overall capabilities.