John in Louisiana

I have to say my 44 inch rough cut mower is a beast and performs way beyond my expectations. I did a lot of research on different pull behind mowers. I ended up making the decision on the AcrEase brand on my conversation with the local sales rep for my area. I have a 400 acre cattle farm. I have a couple of tractors along with two different size flex wing mowers. I needed another mower to go into all the places I dared not to with the big tractors and flex wings. This machine fit the niche perfectly. I use it around my pond with the flotation kit added on. This is a must I believe. I use it in roadside ditches as well as in and amongst the woods where its too tight to cut with the bigger tractors. This machine is built as heavy and solid as any of the flex-wings and has power to spare. I can’t give enough examples describing how awesome this machine is. Buy it, you won’t regret it.